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We still hold stocks of hard to find electronic components
available to collect from our Lisburn office
Please contact us to see if we have what you need

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Banana - black plug, red plug, black gold screw plug, red gold screw plug, black socket, blue socket

BNC - plug, chassis socket, solderless plug

Car Audio - gold right angled lugs with screw terminal

Car Radio - plug

Coax - socket

Communication Microphone - 4pin plug, 4pin line socket, 5pin socket, 7pin plug, 8pin plug

Crocodile Clips - non-insulated, black insulated, red insulated

D - 9pin male socket, 15pin HD female socket, 15pin socket, plastic covers for chassis sockets

DC - 1.3mm right angled plug, 1.3mm plug, 1.3mm socket, 1.3mm line socket, 1.7mm plug, 2.1mm plug, 2.1mm socket, 2.5mm plug, 2.5mm socket, 2pin right angled camera, 3.1mm socket

DIN - 2pin plug screw terminals, 4pin mini line socket, 4pin min plug, 5pin plug, 5pin metal plug, 5pin line socket, 5pin line socket 240, 6pin plug, 7pin plug, 7pin socket, 7pin line socket, 8pin line socket, 8pin mini plug, 8pin plug, 8pin socket

F - crimp plug, 4mm plug, 6mm plug, 9mm plug, rubber boot

Jack - 2.5mm plug, 2.5mm stereo plug, 2.5mm line socket, 2.5mm metal stereo line socket, 2.5mm stereo line socket, 2.5mm stereo line socket, 3.5mm plug, 3.5mm right angled plug, 3.5mm stereo plug, 3.5mm stereo line socket, 3.5mm switched socket, 6.3mm metal plugs, 6.3mm metal right angled plug, 6.3mm socket, 6.3mm metal stereo line socket, 6.3mm stereo socket

N - plug

Phono - black plug, red plug, line socket, black gold plug, red gold plug, gold line socket, gold socket, metal solderless plug

Speaker - stereo push to fit socket

Speakon - 4pin socket

Telephone (BT) - crimp plug, female to female coupler

Telephone (American) - crimp plug, female to female coupler, wire ended socket

TNC - plug

TV Coax - chassis plug, chassis socket, pcb socket, plug

UHF - 6mm plug, 9mm plug, 9mm to 6mm reducer, round socket, square socket

XLR - 2pin mains socket


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