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We still hold stocks of hard to find electronic components
available to collect from our Lisburn office
Please contact us to see if we have what you need

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1/4W 3.3K

LDR - GE 5470, ORP12

Miniature rotary pots - 5KL, 10KL, 20KL, 47KC switched, 50KL, 500K, 500KL, 1ML

Wirewound - 2W R1, 6W R1, 3W R22, 6W R22, 5W R47, 10W 1R5, 4W 2R2, 10W 2R2, 5W 3R3, 10W 3R3, 5W 3R3, 10W 3R3, 2W 3R9, 5W 4R7, 10W 4R7, 5W 5R6, 7W 5R6, 5W 10R 10W 15R, 5W 22R, 10W 22R, 10W 47R, 10W 220R, 10W 330R, 10W 470R, 10W 560R, 3W 820R, 3W 1K


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