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Set of 5
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Mercury RC5 RF Controlled Sockets Set of 5 - 350.115UK

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Reduces fire risk and protects your appliances --- Remote control operates up to 30m away from socket --- Sockets are pre-programmed with remote control supplied for instant use --- Additional sockets and remotes can be added using self-learning function --- Reduces your household energy costs and carbon footprint

Leaving an appliance in standby can still consume up to 70% of full power and can shorten the life of the appliance by 15%. These adaptors can be controlled individually by the remote supplied. Ideal for a wide variety of electrical appliances and a great solution for controlling appliances in inaccessible places, or for people with limited mobility.
Voltage240Vac, 50Hz
Max. load2400W per socket
Max. current10A per socket
Transmission frequency433.92MHz - AM
Remote battery12V, 23A
Socket : dimensions99 x 55 x 70mm
Remote dimensions104 x 36 x 16mm
Standby power0.6W
Quantity in set5 sockets, 1 remote
Remote : rangeUp to 30m (clear line of sight)

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