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  12V LED Tape Package
5M RGB with 44 Button IR Controller
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Model Number
Lyyt 5mRGB12V44KEYPK 12V Professional RGB LED Tape Packages - 300.931UK

Low voltage operation for safe deployment in homes and public spaces --- Supplied with 5 x DC screw terminal plugs (777.000UK) and sockets (777.001UK) --- Water resistant IP67 power supply and IP65 LED tape --- BS1363 plug top required if powered from a UK socket --- For 10m packages, the amplifier connects from the first reel to the second reel --- 12V from the power supply should be extended to the amplifier using 2-core 6A cable --- Screw terminal DC connectors must carry no more than 5A current each --- Tape, power supply, controller and connectors packed separately

Packages for professional multi-colour LED tape installation, comprising one or two reels of 12V RGB LED tape, a controller and a single power supply to drive the full length of the LED tape. 10m packages include an in-line amplifier to extend the power to the second reel. The LED tape has a self-adhesive backing for mounting directly onto a clean surface or secured within a LYYT LED tape profile. Both tape and power supply are water resistant for use in humid environments when all electrical connections, controllers and amplifiers are protected from ingress. Provides static, scrolling or jumping patterns for adjustable colour schemes and decorative effects.

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