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  In-wall System with Bluetooth - 2 x 30W
4 x 4" Mini Ceiling Speakers + 20M Cable
Adastra IWA230B/SL4  Bluetooth Mini Ceiling Speaker Package - 300.153UK In stock - available for next day delivery

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Model - 4*SL4+IWA230B

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Bluetooth mini ceiling speaker packages are a convenient background music solution for small areas, washrooms, waiting rooms and around the home. SL3 and SL4 speakers are moisture resistant and easy to fit into false ceiling voids, providing low level music quality output from a discreet, unobtrusive installation. IWA amplifiers have an inbuilt Bluetooth receiver and an Aux input (inc. digital optical) and Aux output for daisy-chaining onto further amplifiers. IWA amplifiers also have an internal power supply, meaning they can connect directly to a 100-240Vac mains supply and are supplied with speaker cable for easy installation.

Inbuilt Bluetooth receiver, Aux and Optical inputs --- All components mount discreetly into the ceiling (or wall) cavity --- Packages with 2 speakers per output are supplied with 10m extra speaker cable --- Expandable system (Aux Out to Aux In) enable Bluetooth only on first amp --- Note: in-wall amplifiers must be protected from humid environments --- Use screened cable for Aux in/out (e.g. cut plugs off a 112.060UK RCA lead) --- Note: use terminal block to extend speaker cable. Do not short + and - together

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