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  2 x 200W Stereo Music System Package
4 x 70W rms Wall Speakers + 100M Cable
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Adastra A2/BH6-B High Quality Background Music Speaker Package - 300.123UK

Inbuilt Bluetooth Receiver, USB/SD mp3 player & FM tuner --- Each zone can have different music using Line/Aux inputs and internal media player --- Optional desktop paging microphone (to all zones) avaliable - 952.341UK --- Supplied with 100m white speaker cable (additional reels available 801.513UK - or black 801.516UK) --- Note: use terminal block to extend speaker cable. Do not short + and - together --- Amplifier, cable and speakers packed separately --- Premium quality BH6 speakers (100.922UK or 100.923UK) --- A-series music and mixer amplifier (953.402UK, 953.404UK, 953.406UK, 953.408UK)

High quality wall speaker packages for premium quality background music in leisure venues such as cafes, bars, bistros and restaurants. BH6 speakers feature computer-designed enclosures with long-excursion 6.5" main drivers for punchy bass and mids and custom dome tweeters for clear HF projection. Each BH6 speaker is supplied with a lateral and tilt adjustable bracket and has a PP cone and coated aluminium grille for operation in sheltered outdoor areas. A-series 2U rack amplifiers are available with 1 to 4 stereo output zones and each has 2 mic inputs for announcements, a USB/SD player, FM tuner and Bluetooth receiver. In each package, every speaker will receive up to 100W of class-D power, delivering 90dB sound power. For louder venues, adding an active sub is recommended. For smaller rooms, 2 speakers may be sufficient per zone. For larger, livelier rooms or for better coverage, 4 speakers per zone is recommended (e.g. 1 in each corner)

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