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  360W rms Music System Package
18 x 50W rms Ceiling Speakers + 100M Cable
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Adastra RS360/CC6V Ceiling Speaker Package - 300.072UK

RS-series 100V slave-amplifier (953.120UK, 953.121UK, 953.122UK, 953.123UK) --- 100m speaker cable supplied (804.380UK, 801.818UK or 804.338UK also available separately) --- 0.5m twin RCA link lead from mixer/amp output included (190.052UK) --- Note: use terminal block to extend speaker cable. Do not short + and - together --- Amplifier, cables and speakers packed separately --- Flush mount CC-series ceiling speakers (952.153UK, 952.155UK)

Add-on ceiling speaker packages for commercial PA systems are designed to enable the installer to extend an existing sound system for larger areas or additional zones. RS-series slave amplifiers offer the same power output of RM-series mixer-amps without duplicating any of the mixing or playback features. A signal lead is provided in each package for linking the Line Out from an existing RM mixer-amp to to the Slave In of the RS series slave amp. Alernatlively, any add-on package could also be used as a standalone system in conjunction with an Adastra rack-mount mixer or zone matrix. As a rough approximation, allow 50W per 10m² in reasonably quiet areas up to 200W per 10m² for louder ambient areas. Each slave amplifier can operate more speakers if the combined wattages is tapped below the maximum output rating of the slave amp.

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