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  Damp Digital Reverb Pedal  
NU-X NRV-3 Damp Digital Reverb Pedal - 173.554UK In stock - available for next day delivery

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EAN - 6936257208811

Model - NRV-3
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Damp is the name given to this miniature digital reverb pedal to describe the immersive sound image provided by its 3 inbuilt reverb models. A choice of Spring, Plate or Hall reverberation types can be selected by the illuminated push button at the top of the pedal. Holding this button down during power-up selects between mono output or stereo output, which requires a stereo jack lead. Three rotary controls adjust Decay, Level and Tone settings as required. Pressing the footswitch activates or deactivates the effect, whilst holding this pedal enables a secondary effect - Shimmer in Plate mode or Freeze in Spring or Hall modes. The Damp pedal is versatile enough to cover a wide range of reverb styles with a minimal footprint on guitarists' pedalboards or for patching into an effects loop for other instruments or even vocals.

3 selectable reverberation models --- Buffered or true bypass selectable --- Strong and lightweight aluminium die-cast chassis --- USB-C port for future firmware updates --- Requires 9V center negative DC Power Supply 100mA current draw (Not Supplied) --- Compatible power supply 173.290UK
Power supply9Vdc (DC5521 connector, negative centre, adaptor not supplied)
ControlsDecay, Level, Tone and 3 reverb modes switch
Dimensions94 x 53 x 51mm

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