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  Mini Super Chorus-Flanger Pedal  
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NU-X NCH-5 Mini Super Chorus-Flanger Pedal - 173.551UK

Selectable Chorus, Flanger or Pitch Mod modes --- Buffered or true bypass selectable --- Strong and lightweight aluminium die-cast chassis --- USB-C port for future firmware updates --- Requires 9V center negative DC Power Supply 100mA current draw (Not Supplied) --- Compatible power supply 173.290UK

A mini chorus effect pedal with 3 switchable modes for Chorus, Flanger and Pitch Modulation. Chorus thickens the sound by modulating a short delay effect, producing a swirling ethereal tone. The Flanger effect tightens this by shortening to a very fine delay and regenerating it for rotating and tubular jet sounds. Pitch Modulation provides a lighter chorus effect by slightly varying the pitch and mixing back with the dry signal. All 3 are selected by an illuminated push button above the controls. Holding this button down during power-up selects between mono output or stereo output, which requires a stereo jack lead. Controls include Speed, Width and Intensity to adjust each effect as required, Pressing the footswitch engages or disengages the effect. The smart tap tempo feature means that the pedal recognises pressing the footswitch twice or in a short space of time and responds to the timing as a tap tempo function to adjust the speed setting. An extremely versatile modulation effect to give space and motion to chords and picked passages alike.
Power supply9Vdc (DC5521 connector, negative centre, adaptor not supplied)
ControlsSpeed, Width, Intensity and Chorus/Flanger/Pitch Mod switch
Dimensions94 x 53 x 51mm

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