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  Ace of Tone Dual Overdrive Pedal  
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Ace of Tone
NU-X Ace of Tone Ace of Tone Dual Overdrive Pedal  - 173.376UK

Independent control and 2 stacking options --- 18V multiplier option for greater dynamic range --- Switchable true or buffered bypass

Ace of Tone is a dual stacked overdrive pedal, combining the Morning Star and Tubeman circuits into a single unit with independent controls and foot switches. Each overdrive has its own character, with the Tubeman based on a classic overdrive circuit with a mid-focussed tone and the Morning Star having a more transparent natural sounding overdrive. Either drive section can be switched in independently or combined with 2 options for Tubeman stacked into Morning Star or Morning Star stacked into Tubeman. A switch on the rear panel selects buffered or true bypass and another can enable a voltage multiplier circuit to deliver 18V for increased dynamic range. Holding either foot switch activates an extra feature. Fat mode on the Tubeman produces increased bass. Shine mode on the Morning Star delivers increased treble. In summary, here are two classic overdrives which can combine in different ways to help you discover your own signature grit and lead tones.
Power supply9Vdc, 100mA (min) pin-negative (not included)
ControlsDrive x 2, Level x 2, Tone x 2
Switch selectorsBuffered or true bypass, internal 9V-18V and stacking mode
Dimensions115 x 105 x 58mm

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