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  Passive Direct Injection Box  
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Chord DI-P1 Passive Direct Injection Box  - 173.292UK

Ground float option for ground lift with RF/mains filter --- Ground lift option isolates signal ground without filter --- 3 pad settings for level matching

Passive DI box for converting high impedance instrument outputs to low impedance line signals for feeding directly into a mixing console. Equipped with 3 pad settings, RF/mains filter and selector for ground lift with or without filter.
Input6.3mm jack (unbalanced)
OutputsXLRM (balanced), 6.3mm jack through (unbalanced)
Output impedance600 Ohms
Input impedance>100k Ohms
Controls0/-20/-40dBu pad & Ground-Float-Lift switch
Dimensions86 x 70 x 45mm

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