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  2 x 120W rms Indoor Column PA System
20W rms 27" Speakers
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Adastra RM1202 Rack Mount 2-Zone Mixer Amplifier 2 x 120W rms USB/SD/FM/Bluetooth - 953.163UK
  We are no longer able to supply this item. Please see Home Page for details


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Adastra SC32V 100V Line or 4 Ohm Column Speaker 32W rms Indoor - 952.243UK


Just add cable (see bottom of this page) and these packages provide everything you need for a complete, EASY FIT install

The amplifier will take different input sources which can include microphones, CDs, radios, phones and mp3 players

On the front of the amplifier there is a Bluetooth media player. You have the option of plugging in a flash drive or SD card containing your mp3 music files or switching to FM radio

Adastra manufacture professional Public Address systems using 100-Volt Line technology. With 100-Volt Line there is no need to balance speaker impedances to match the amplifier. No complicated calculations! No risk of overloading or blowing up the amplifier!

You simply wire the first speaker (COM and 100V terminals) to the amplifier (COM and 100V terminals) and then take the wire on to the next speaker until all are connected. Plug in to the mains and you are ready to go
Model - RM1202
EAN - 5015972194645

Mixer-amplifier with 2 separate 120W outputs to 100V or 4/8 Ohms speakers. Inputs for mic, 2 x mic/line and 2 line inputs with an integral USB/SD/FM player and Bluetooth receiver can be enabled independently to either of the 2 zones. Mic 1 channel has a variable override and switchable phantom power for use with condenser microphones. Designed for installations where independent paging and audio to 2 separate zones is needed.

Can be configured as a stereo 100V amplifier --- Integral USB/SD/FM audio player --- Internal Bluetooth receiver --- 100V or 4/8 Ohms operation --- 5 input channels --- Switchable +20V phantom power --- Switchable priority for channel 1
Power supply110-230Vac, 50/60Hz (IEC)
Power : output2 x 120W rms
Audio sourceUSB/SD/FM/BT audio player
Inputs1 x mic (XLR), 2 x mic/line (jack), 2 x line (twin RCA)
Zone outputs: line2 x RCA
Zone outputs: speaker2 x terminal outputs 100V/8 Ohms/4 Ohms/com
Phantom power+20V switchable to Mic.1 XLR
THD<0.76% @ 1kHz
Input impedance1k Ohms (mic/line)
SNR84dB (line), 82dB (mic)
Bluetooth version2.1
Input sensitivity-11dB (line), -46dB (mic)
Frequency response100Hz - 20kHz
Dimensions483 x 320 x 88mm
Model - SC32V
EAN - 5015972142820

Slimline column speakers suitable for indoor applications, especially where discretion is a necessity. Made from extruded aluminium with a white protective finish, fitted with a white metal grille and white plastic end caps. Fitted with high quality speakers providing crisp, clear sound reproduction and a 100V line transformer.

Supplied with mounting brackets --- Adjustable volume tappings --- Fitted with 900mm of connecting cable
Drivers8 x 63mmØ (2.5")
Power handling : rms32W
Power handling : max.64W
Tappings20W, 10W, 5W, 2.5W & 4 Ohms
Impedance (nominal)4 Ohms
Dimensions105 x 700 x 90mm
SPL @ 1W/1m93dB
Impedance : 100V500, 1k, 2k, 4k ohms
Frequency response : -10dB200Hz - 16kHz
Dispersion angle160° (transverse plane)
Cable : length900mm
RECOMMENDED SPEAKER CABLE - Click on red order code to veiw

807.057 (white) and 807.058 (black) Figure 8 Speaker Cable - 2 x (42 x 0.2mm 1.32mm²) 15A - This cable will allow 240W to travel 175M without any loss

807.090 and 807.095 Hi Flex Double Insulated 0.75mm² 6A Speaker Cable - 2 x (12 x 0.2mm² Cu + 12 x 0.2mm² CCA) 6A Black - This cable will allow 240W to travel 100M without any loss

801.817 and 801.818 Double Insulated 1.15mm² Speaker Cable - 2 x (25 x 0.18mm² Cu + 20 x 0.18mm² CCA) 15A Black - This cable will allow 240W to travel 150M without any loss

801.878 and 801.879 Double Insulated 2.01mm² Speaker Cable - 2 x (40 x 0.18mm² Cu + 39 x 0.18mm² CCA) 25A Black - This cable will allow 240W to travel 250M without any loss

For most installations 807.057 or 807.058 is sufficient, giving the best quality cable for the price. However, if you are running the cable anywhere where it is not secure or where it can be touched by someone, then use the double insulated cable

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