D-Line Current Product Listing  
  788.001 Trunking 30x15mm 1m Aluminium Retail
788.002 Trunking 30x15mm 1m Black Retail
788.003 Trunking 30x15mm 1m Magnolia Retail
788.004 Trunking 30x15mm 1m White Retail
788.005 Trunking 50x25mm 1m Aluminium Retail
788.006 Trunking 50x25mm 1m Black Retail
788.007 Trunking 50x25mm 1m Magnolia Retail
788.008 Trunking 50x25mm 1m White Retail
788.009 Cable Tidy Tube 1.1m 32mm Black
788.010 Cable Tidy Tube 1.1m 32mm White
788.011 Cable Tidy Tube 1.1m 25mm Black
788.012 Cable Tidy Tube 1.1m 25mm White
788.013 Cable Tidy Bases White/Black/Grey pack o
788.014 Cable Tidy Bases Pink/Yellow/Green pack
788.015 Cable Tidy Clips White pack of 6
788.016 Cable Tidy Clips White pack of 20
788.017 Cable Tidy Strip 75mm x 3m Black
788.018 Cable Tidy Band 20mm x 1.2m Black
788.019 Cable Tidy Unit Large Black
788.020 Cable Tidy Unit Large White
788.021 Cable Tidy Unit Small Black
788.022 Cable Tidy Unit Small Blue
788.023 Cable Tidy Unit Small Pink
788.024 Cable Tidy Unit Small White
788.025 Cable Tidy Spiral Wrap 2.5m Black
788.026 Cable Tidy Spiral Wrap 2.5m Blue
788.027 Cable Tidy Spiral Wrap 2.5m Pink
788.028 Cable Tidy Spiral Wrap 2.5m White
788.029 Cable Tidy Kit Wrap/Clips/Base
788.031 Trunking Ratchet Cutting Tool
788.032 Trunking 30x15mm 2m White
788.033 Trunk Divider 30x15mm 1m White
788.034 Clip-Over Flat Bend 30x15mm Bag of 5
788.035 Clip-Over white Internal Bend 30x15mm Ba
788.036 Clip-Over white External Bend 30x15mm Ba
788.037 Clip-Over white Equal Tee 30x15mm Bag of
788.038 Clip-Over white Door Top Bend 30x15mm B
788.039 Smooth Fit Cable Outlet 30x15mm Bag of 5
788.040 Smooth Fit Adaptor Tee 30x15mm Bag of 5
788.041 Smooth Fit Coupler 30x15mm Bag of 5
788.042 Smooth Fit End Cap 30x15mm Bag of 5
788.043 Smooth Fit Box Adaptor 30x15mm Bag of 5
788.044 Single Surface Box 28mm depth
788.045 Twin Surface Box 28mm depth
788.046 Single Surface Box 35mm depth
788.047 Twin Surface Box 35mm depth
788.048 Trunking 50x25mm 2m White
788.049 Trunk Divider 50x25mm 1m White
788.050 Clip-Over white Flat Bend 50x25mm Bag of
788.051 Clip-Over white Internal Bend 50x25mm Ba
788.052 Clip-Over white External Bend 50x25mm Ba
788.053 Clip-Over white Equal Tee 50x25mm Bag of
788.054 Clip-Over Adaptor Tee 50x25mm Bag of 5
788.055 Smooth Fit Coupler 50x25mm Bag of 5
788.056 Smooth Fit End Cap 50x25mm Bag of 5
788.057 Single Channel Cable Cover Black
788.061 Heavy Duty 5 Channel Cable Cover
788.062 5 Channel End Caps Pair
788.063 Extra Heavy Duty Deep 3 Channel Cable Co
788.064 Extra Heavy Duty Deep 3 Channel End Caps


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