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Adastra 952.089 HV30V 100V Line Horn Speaker

Order Code 952.089

EAN - 5015972191781
Model - H30V

100V Line Horn Speaker
30W rms Round 9.5-Inch
£41.67 + VAT
includes VAT
& Delivery
£33.75 each + VAT
includes VAT
& Delivery
Heavy duty round PA horn speakers with a fibreglass compression driver and 100V transformer with a weatherproof ABS cover and reflex cone. Sound is projected from a spun aluminium flare which is angle adjustable on the mounting bracket. Power tappings are selected via a rotary switch at the rear with a 2-core cable for connection to a 100V amplifier. Built to withstand the elements and designed to deliver information and alerts in public outdoor areas.

IPX6 waterproof --- Sturdy aluminium & ABS construction --- Selectable power tappings
IP ratingIPX6
Power rms30W
Frequency response380Hz - 6.5kHz
100V line tappings5 / 10 / 20 / 30W
Dimensions305 x 246mm∅

807.057 and 807.058 Figure 8 Speaker Cable - 2 x (42 x 0.2mm 1.32mm²) 15A Black - This cable will allow 240W to travel 175M without any loss

807.090 and 807.095 Hi Flex Double Insulated 0.75mm² 6A Speaker Cable - 2 x (12 x 0.2mm² Cu + 12 x 0.2mm² CCA) 6A Black - This cable will allow 240W to travel 100M without any loss

801.817 and 801.818 Double Insulated 1.15mm² Speaker Cable - 2 x (25 x 0.18mm² Cu + 20 x 0.18mm² CCA) 15A Black - This cable will allow 240W to travel 150M without any loss

801.878 and 801.879 Double Insulated 2.01mm² Speaker Cable - 2 x (40 x 0.18mm² Cu + 39 x 0.18mm² CCA) 25A Black - This cable will allow 240W to travel 250M without any loss

For most installations 807.057 or 807.058 is sufficient, giving the best quality cable for the price. However, if you are running the cable anywhere where it is not secure or where it can be touched by someone, then use the double insulated cable

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